Chiang Mai Elephant Empire is a locally owned and managed enterprise with a stated goal of providing sustainable and ethical elephant based tourism in a safe and caring place.  We care for the elephants as family members and have a "no riding" policy.


You are given the opportunity to meet and interact with the elephants as they go through their daily routines by participating in our various programs. 


Your guide and the Mahouts are some of the local Karen people that have a centuries-old relationship with elephants in their culture.


We are committed to providing a safe environment for our elephants and you while you enjoy their company under the watchful guidance of our staff.


Our ongoing goal is to give you an authentic cultural experience. Your safety and comfort and the physical and mental well being of our animals are of our utmost concern. 


We typically limit our group size to 10 people and may not offer all programs every day to ensure that the elephants enjoy the experience as much as you.   As well, we do not offer any programs on Sundays in order that the elephants have a "day off".


Our long-term goal is to build a business that is self-sustaining. We are committed to fostering a communal environment that educates people on the history of the local elephant rearing culture and will help sustain the local communities in addition to providing for the elephant's ongoing needs.


Our programmes are designed with your comfort and safety in mind. We provide transport to and from the camp in our late model, air-conditioned transport vehicles.


We offer Half Day, Full day or Overnight visits.  Whichever you choose, we promise a time you will never forget, because, at CM Elephant Empire, we are committed to your having a positive experience.

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